2000 Music

Albums purchased in 2000:
  • Priesner— Requiem for a Dream
  • DJ Cam— The Beat Assassinated*
  • Baby Fox— A Normal Family**
  • Graeme Revell— Phoenix Soundtrack, Interview with a Vampire Soundtrack
  • Everything But the Girl— Temperamental
  • Queensryche— Empire
  • Enigma— The Screen Behind the Mirror*
  • Moby— Play
  • Lisa Germano— Excerpts From the Love Circus
  • Air— The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack
  • Lycia— Cold
  • Brendan Perry— Eye of the Hunter
  • Dead Can Dance— The Serpent and the Egg
  • The Innocence Mission— Birds of My Neighborhood
  • Bowery Electric— Lushlife
  • Nick Drake— Time of No Reply
  • DJ Krush— Code 4109, Kakusei
  • Moloko— Do You Like My Tight Sweater?**
  • This Mortal Coil— It'll End in Tears
  • Loveliescrushing— Xuvetyn
  • Enigma— Sadness/Mea Culpa (single)
  • Red House Painters— Down Colorful Hill
  • Radiohead— Kid A
  • Bjork— Selmasongs
  • William Orbit— Pieces in a Modern Style
  • Kruder & Dorfmeister— The K&D Sessions
  • Sarah Brightman— La Luna**
  • Songs of the Siren
*Regrettable decision. . .
**Woefully regrettable decision. . .


Scratched Negatives

  • Take a glossy postcard and cut one frame sized window
  • Put negative with scratch over window and tape edges of negatives down
  • Dip q-tip in distilled water
  • Blot it semi-dry on hand and then rub the scratch with it
  • Blow dry the negative dry
  • Then fill a steamer with distilled water and a teaspoon of salt
  • Get is steamin' and put negative over it
  • Then blow dry it dry and repeat a few times and. . .

BOOM! You're dead!

Just kidding. . . the scratch goes away.