A New Statement

Artist statements confound me and I pray for the day when someone else might bother to consider my work and put their reaction to words.

Yes, I understand that the public likes something to read. I recognize that we’re in a sound-bite culture and publicity must be pithy. And it’s true that much of the modern art world is conceptually obtuse— demanding, perhaps unreasonably, that the viewer spend some time developing a relationship with the artwork.

I have a show coming up in Seattle and it was requested that I write a quick little tag line to promote it on the website. My clunky prose was gracefully reworked by the show organizer and reads:

Baker's drawings derive from a variety of photographic images: flea market snapshots, digital pictures, and many from his own experiments with handmade pinhole cameras. He ties together the subjects through his predisposition for the decayed and imperfect.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Truly.

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