For those of you just joining me, welcome. For you select few who've been with me all along, I commend your perseverance.

It has taken about a week to migrate all of my previous blog posts to Blogger. While the process was fairly free of glitches it was rife with tedium, and I'm glad to be in a position to start posting new content now. Throughout this process I've had some time to reflect on what I've written and I've come to realize that this blog breaks two of the cardinal rules of blogging. 

First of all, it evades any real focus. I initially started the blog to serve as a way of updating friends, family, and supporters about my artwork. But from the outset my artwork was only one of many topics that I chose to write about. As entries were moved to Blogger I began assigning labels/tags/keywords (whatever you wish to call them) to the entries and was puzzled at some of the descriptors I settled on: 

 In some instances these oddball criteria actually appeared more frequently than "art" or "drawing." So it seems that this blog is more of a personality platform than a promotional tool. The inherent danger with such an approach is that one's personality might not be fascinating enough to merit much of an audience. Such an outcome might be devastating to other people, but I assure you that I'm 100% capable of weathering being outed as boring, middle-class, redundant, and fashion-less.

Another way in which this blog deviates from the venerable eight-year-old traditions of the medium is that the posts are far too long. If I'm going to write about something I want to offer more than a few pictures and snarky comments. Such an avant-garde approach will naturally limit my audience to people who are both comfortable with reading, and capable of visiting a web page for longer than thirty seconds. 

So if you're a Portland resident, teacher, artist, designer, music aficionado, cultural critic, or suffer from OCD, then we might just have something in common. Welcome to my subjective reality.


Esteban said...

The JTB new-blog-style: Nice!

BTW, I like your personality just fine. You won't hold it against me that I just wrote "BTW" though, will you?

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

No, cuz we BFF! :)

Dan said...

If I'm going to write about something I want to offer more than a few pictures and snarky comments.


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