Fine Arts

Fine Arts is the working title for the short film that the Company has opted to shoot this month. After an initial foray into the woods (literally and metaphorically) over the summer we learned a few valuable lessons about undertaking the production of a full length movie. First and foremost we gleaned that shooting a full length movie would make more sense after shooting a few shorter films. We also realized that striped shirts filmed through gently rocking steady cams yield footage that can only be viewed after throwing back a few Dramamine. 

So while there was an initial deflation of spirit around our cinematic endeavors following the weekend in the woods, The Company has come surging back with a lovely little character study that requires very few moving shots, very few locations, very few props, and very few actors. While this may sound like we're caving a bit, the truth is that the film promises to be better for the limitations because no detail can escape our attention. The entire production can be methodically considered, and as four out of four Company members are known for their own particular brand of perfectionism, it's safe to say that we can manage being methodical. In fact, the scale of this film compliments the scale of The Company itself, and we could easily manage it without much outside help if we had to— luckily, help is one thing that we've got in spades it seems. 

You see, we had our pick of actors from a collection of talent pooled by a local casting agency. A bit of cash was gifted to help feed the aforementioned actors. Our musician is still on board for the score. Friends and coworkers have offered to help on their very precious weekends. Why are the Fates suddenly so kind? Well, many a person I know would state that the tide has turned in our favor because this is intrinsically the right project for us to be undertaking now. Others might be more callous and chock it up to the right connections coupled with the audacity to ask for assistance. Whatever the reasons, it feels good to be underway.

The curious can grab the first few pages of the script over at I'm Not Arguing That With You (check the sidebar on the right-hand side of the blog).

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