Bastion of Hipness

May 4, 2005

One of the things I really appreciate about this photo is the oh-so-obvious shadow of my head in the lower left of the image. A photographic novice mistake par excellence!

* * * * *

In light of the industrial theme of today's image I thought I'd post this little piece I recently completed.

I still have some thinking to do before the proper christening can take place. For some reason the term "airborne toxic event" keeps pulling at my synapses, but then, some may mistakenly assume that I'm referencing a band from Los Feliz* as opposed to a metaphorical cloud of death from a Don DeLillo novel.

*Yes, that very Bastion of Hipness, the oh-so-hip Los Feliz of Los Angeles locale. Can't you feel your jeans getting skinnier just reading about it?

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