Opening Tonight!

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My exhibition at Maude Kerns Art Center (MKAC) opens this evening at 6pm. While you probably hear this plenty from artists, I must reiterate: the reproductions of the work posted on this blog and at Flickr cannot even come close to revealing the subtleties of tone and texture in the work. Now, I'm not patting myself on the back here— I'm just trying to impart to you the importance of taking a trip to Eugene in the next month and a half.

Here are the particulars. . .

Jeffrey T. Baker: Mixed Media Photographs
Maude Kerns Art Center
1910 East 15th Ave.
Eugene OR 97403
Opening Reception: July 17th, 2009 from 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: July 17th-August 28th, 2009


David said...

Hi Jeff,
Nice to meet you at the opening this evening. I'm not sure if this is the best way to get in contact with you, but I'll give it a try. If it is, please let me know at staton@taylorcatproductions.com. My wife and I spoke with you about "It leaks Out." Congratulations, by the way, on all the interest in your work. Seems to me you were clearly "the hit" of the night.

Amy Louise Skorheim said...

Congratulations! I own a piece or two of that there art you make, and they rank up among some of my most valued possessions. Don't know if I've told you my thoughts on the matter, but you're a damn fine artist. Not a bad writer either. Now lets see how good a director you are...

Jeffrey T. Baker said...


Thanks for attending the other night and for all the kind words. I've sent along my contact information and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jeffrey T. Baker said...

I'm as curious as you as to what sort of director I might be— I guess we'll know soon enough. On to the next project!