The Light Invisible

January 30, 2005

My wife is the artist. My sister-in-law the cheerful model. I'm the art director using a gnarly chunk of foam core to bounce one tiny pool of light on the assorted pins, necklaces, and fabric corsages being modeled. Judging by the ladies' expressions I'm betting we were all having a great time during this photo shoot. My halting the proceedings to record everything on the Photo Phazer undoubtedly contributed to the high level of jollity.

* * * * *

One thing I appreciate about this image though is the odd sense that my sister-in-law is looking through the beam of reflected light. It's almost as if she's contemplating the light, or the fact that the light is invisible to her except when it reveals another object with its rays. Even if there had been dust in the air that morning she would not have been able to perceive the path of the reflected beam amidst all the ambient light, and yet, there it is just inches behind her; a soft yellow glow catching the edge of her shoulder. 

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