The McDuff

January 15, 2005

What I appreciate about this image is how the lower curve of the garden hose echos the curve of McDuff's back. Any guesses, dear reader, as to what a McDuff happens to be?* 

*Family members are not eligible to guess.


iluvpsp said...

Looks like a dog to me?

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

Yes indeed! McDuff is a good-natured Westie. Westies (or West Highland Terriers, to be more exact) are the ideal dog for photographing in home magazine spreads to give a sense of scale for the featured breakfast nook, upholstered fainting couch, potted azalea, etc. For a few weaker moments in college I contemplated photographing all of my thesis artwork with a Westie so as to show everyone just how ambitious my projects happened to be.

Hannah said...

Good thing those glossy ads aren't "scratch n sniff"!

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

I don't recall Kitty Roca being a common "scratch n sniff" offering.