Lipstick on a Pig

January 13, 2005

At a certain point I realized that the fidelity of my Photo Phazer images were a bit sub-par compared to other pixel based imagery I was viewing on the net. I found myself second guessing the naive profundity of the low-tech photograph and turned to Photoshop to elevate my washed out bits and bytes to sublime documentation. 

What these movie stills really needed, I decided, was some more saturation and a liberal dose of "film grain" to wash away the mushy tones and geometric pixilization.* After some cheap employment of filters and sliders to a few images I realized that you can't just put lipstick on a pig. So I put aside all insecurities and consoled myself with the thought that when the entire project would be exhibited quantity would more than compensate for any lack of image quality.

Little did I know that only Blogger would be exhibiting this project. Welcome back dear insecurities!

*Is pixilization a word? It seems to be used freely by people griping online about LCD picture quality, but I would hardly deem that authoritative proof.

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