And Now for Movie #2

While I may know nothing about social networking it just so happens that I know some cool people, and because cool people always seem to know about cool things, I have an avenue for social networking through my association with coolness. One such cool person, who also happens to be a young person in her twenties (making her even cooler), has decided to act as Production Assistant on our next movie. Within two hours of our first casting call for said movie Katie, for that is her name, had established a Twitter account for our new film venture. As I'm sure you are burning with curiosity as to how exactly small, no-budget, films are made, you can now follow the tribulations and triumphs at:

And, if all that wasn't enough for you PDX cinephiles, I'm pleased to relate that our previous venture, Fine Arts, now boasts its own IMDB page complete with a preview video. The very cool Director of Fine Arts believes that the video quality of our IMDB page might be linked to its relative popularity so, in other words, a movie that has thousands of interested fans will get a picture perfect streaming video of their preview while those of us with no real fans have to use whatever bandwidth might be left over to stream (or trickle) our little preview. Sounds plausible to me.

So don't wait! Tell three thousand of your closest friends to visit IMDB and watch our utterly silent and mostly still little segment of movie goodness. It will make you cooler than you already are, and allow me to feel more cool too.

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