The Disappearing Act

Taken at Discovery Park, Seattle, WA - Spring 2009

I have to go away for a few days. While I'm away there are a number of things I could use some help with. Feel free to jump in wherever you can. . .
  • finish applying gesso to panels
  • repair copper leaf on medium sized panel
  • re-leaf two smaller gold panels to cover up bad transfers
  • gold leaf large board for antique gilt frame
  • update my artist statement
  • photograph recent works 
  • vacuum silver leaf bits and paper pulp off studio floor
  • repair drafting table light
  • transfer recent found photos to medium sized panels 
  • build custom frames for paneled work
  • deliver larger paper works to frame shop
  • paint antique frames (and putty where needed)
  • find appropriate image for oval mat
  • storyboard the next movie
  • contact cast about table read
  • generate new web site
My great thanks in advance for all your assistance. When I return I'll treat you to a few new images from around Oregon!


Amy Louise Skorheim said...

Dude. I'm totally emailing the cast about the table read... That leaves you with a mere 15 pieces of unfinished business. For you that's like a vacation! (Wait, aren't you supposed to actually be on vacation?)

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

Yes, but like all vacations, I classify it as a "working vacation." With the table read scheduled I can now turn my attention to picking apart your script (insert evil laughter here).