In Progress

My wife joined the Director and I in the studio yesterday to assist with some of the tedium required to make the artwork I make. Lately, my hand has been cramping after I do some of the more repetitive tasks, like rubbing away all of the paper fibers from six square feet of gel medium transfer, for instance. While she slowly worked her way across the image shown above she inquired as to the other works I'd made:

"Where are they?"

"They're wrapped up." I replied.


"If I can't see them then I'll need to continue to work at a breakneck pace."

"How do you figure that?"

"If I can't take stock of what I've done, then I'll feel that I haven't done enough, and I'll continue to work as if I don't have enough work to fill the gallery space."

"But don't you know that you've completed a certain number of pieces? Doesn't that sort of invalidate your plan?"


"Hmmmmm, it sounds like a very Baker sort of thing to do."

And indeed it does. 

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