The Force

March 5, 2005

Build your own lightsaber resources:

You'll have to sign up to be a member (free) but it's worth it if you want to really have the most authentic Jedi weapon reproduction dangling from your tunic belt.

No joke, right below some lightsaber clip art a line of text reads, "I've chopped this page into two pieces to improve the load times." At the bottom of the page you can, "Hyperspace Jump to Part 2." Awesome. Also contains a link to some thoughts about the veracity of The Force. As a person who has actually lost sleep contemplating the strength of my midichlorian count, I found this page especially enlightening.

Finally, you're no full fledged Jedi until you have your rotoscoping powers fully developed. Learn from Master Kin-Char Bamin:

Believe me, there's nothing cooler than being a Jedi.

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