Milk and Blood

March 6, 2005

Beauty underwrites almost everything in the world. It is not always perceivable in the simple or repetitive things. In dark moments it can be lost entirely from view; but that doesn't mean it has ceased to exist. The subjective nature of beauty lends it the multiplicity required to be present in everything, and perhaps it is that individual quality of each "beholder" that should really be remarked upon.

* * * * *

You can pour milk into a glass thousands of time and, every single time, a violently beautiful unique landscape is revealed in the splashes of viscous white. The other day, I passed the carcass of a freshly killed coyote. It had been sliced in half by some car which had also moved on down the road. In my headlights it glowed a brilliant flash of red before being swallowed up by the inkiness just beyond my tail lights. Tomorrow we will all awake to another dawn; some will be gray and some the most vivid hues of atmospheric interference. For every person, just that act of waking is a profound invitation to a grand design made grander by the part they will play in it.

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