Not So, Baker

March 10, 2005

Some of you may be wondering at the disproportionate amount of images related to food that I've been posting. Those who don't know me personally might surmise that I'm an avid chef, or that I attempt to live up to my last name— but alas, neither are true. While it is certainly not beyond me to follow a recipe or put together a meal, I tend to do so at the same protracted pace that I create artwork. It has taken me two hours to make a salad with smoked salmon on top (and I didn't use that time to smoke the salmon). 

When I plan on making dinner I set aside the entire day.

No, the truth is I married into a family of cooks. They love to cook; to try new recipes, to share culinary tidbits, and to consult the food "dictionary" for all the history anyone could ever hope to know about chicory root. I am simply the appreciative diner. I'll eat and enjoy most anything so long as if follows one simple rule: it is correctly cooked (i.e. free of food borne pathogens).* 

My fear of food poisoning is a long and pathetically amusing tale for some other time. 

For now it is enough to know that when I post a picture of food it is as an observer of a craft I cherish, but don't excel in. My passions are placed in the eating and the complimenting of food well made. And, periodically, I do the dishes as well. People who fear bacterial contamination tend to make excellent dishwashers.

*Or, with a few rare exceptions, correctly not cooked; as in the case of sushi or seared Ahi.   

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