Diffusion Magazine

April 19, 2005

Tomorrow we will return to imagery from 2005. Today let's turn our attention to the imagery of 2009. 

Fellow OCAC alum Blue Mitchell has spent the past year creating a magazine devoted to that unquantifiable realm known as unconventional photography. As stated in the recent press release for Diffusion:
Diffusion focuses on unconventional photographic processes and photo related artwork. We showcase artists working in alternative processes, experimental darkroom derived work, analog/low-fidelity, mixed-media photography, as well as unique digital processes. We believe the print market is saturated with traditional photography and conventional digital photographic practices, therefore Diffusion showcase’s artists working with unusual photographic methods.

I am one of a handful of artists profiled in the magazine. Apparently, spending weeks producing a drawn photograph (whatever that means) places me squarely in the unconventional photography camp. Now that Diffusion has created some sub-categories for the unconventional I find myself wondering if I'm more "alternative process" or "analog/low-fidelity." 

Last night, the Director shared his belief that the artwork I create is a physical re-creation of using Adjustment Layers in Photoshop to build an image. That might be the most pithy insight I've ever heard about my work, and I'm ashamed to admit that I'd never thought of it that way before.

However, plenty of what I have thought of before awaits you in Diffusion, along with some sage words from Blue Moon Camera's Zeb Andrews, and a phenomenal gallery of contemporary alt process photographs. Click on over to www.diffusionmag.com for a digital preview and purchasing information.


Blue Mitchell said...

I don't know if it's me Jeffrey but i can't seem to view your 2005 image - it's just black, maybe that's the point? Anyway, believe me, you can not be placed into a category, and neither can your work. :)

Jeffrey T. Baker said...

It's not you Blue. For a while I was just posting a black placeholder on the days that I neglected to capture an image with the Photo Phazer. As this proved to be confusing to anyone who wasn't obsessively following my blog each day (see also: everyone) I've now resorted to not posting at all when I failed to capture any imagery from that day in 2005. Soon I will be out of daily imagery from 2005 all together, which may or may not, signal the complete demise of my blogging life.