Toxic Tide

April 16, 2005

Perhaps to celebrate the passing of another tax day the family took an outing to the beach on April 16th. After winding our way down some precarious one-lane roads north of LA we found ourselves a tiny little sliver of sand not owned by some individual or business. It seems that half of LA County was equally relieved about filing on time and had decided to join us on said sliver of sand. It made for a rather loud and crammed experience with nature. I marvel that I was able to get a still without someone walking into the frame.

My wife and I had attempted to go the the beach a few weeks earlier only to find the shoreline littered with signs about the dangerous toxicity of the water. Beach goers were advised to not let any ocean water contact their skin. Needless to say, the need for a hazmat suit tarnished the romantic sentiment of the evening. 

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