Ediger Illuminated

April 21, 2005

The Photo Phazer reduces Ben Ediger's Jar Light to a cord, cap, and radiant burn on the wall. In reality their effect is much more subdued. Here is a cluster of them created for a store here in Stumptown.

Ben Ediger, Jar Lights
sand-blasted recycled glass jars, lacquer, electrical hardware
dimension variable
Photo: Jeffrey T. Baker

Ben was kind enough to send me a prototype when he first conceived of them. It was the second lamp I'd scored from Ben, who also gifted me one of his "log lamps" after an off-handed remark I made regarding a chunk of cedar he'd been storing around the wood shop. To this day Split remains one of my prized possessions. It never fails to whip up real curiosity when folks come over to visit.

Ben Ediger, Split
cedar log, wood bleach, waterborne poly, enamel spray paint, electrical hardware
18" x 10"
Photo: Jeffrey T. Baker

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