April 25, 2005

I'd reached a point of acceptance by this time in 2005. Not at all dissimilar to that point in a relationship when it's clear that the end has come, but a state of confusion about what might follow cements you in stasis. I knew that I'd failed to achieve my goal of a movie a day yet I continued on out of habit. Continued on sporadically. . .

The movies that come now might be a bit more honest however. They are genuine moments of visual interest, devoid of the spectre of responsibility for completing some project. As a result, they generally say more about my visual proclivities than many of the images that precede them (with the exception of the first few weeks of January 05).

So from this point forward dear reader know that I won't be just posting a black box when a day is missed, for that would be an exercise in redundancy sure to annoy both you and me. No, from this point forward I either have something to offer or I don't. I've reached the point where I can more freely write about the present because the continuity of the past has begun to unravel.

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