The Sun and the Failed Portrait

April 9, 2005

The Spring sun really lent an ethereal grace to the studio mess that plagued our LA digs. There is no chaos so dismal that it can't be improved by a strong natural light source and the dramatic contrast it engenders. 

Looking at this image reminds me of how fortunate I am to have a studio space separate from my home where I can make cheery portraits like this:

This is also derived from a Spring morning, but one many years ago, in the worst little bathroom I ever had the misfortune to call my own. The original photo was an early Photo Phazer test, and I've had it set aside for years to transform into a drawing. Now that I've done it though I find myself disappointed. It seems vapid. The composition is bland. The flesh tones in the photo (a motley assortment of pale pinks, blues, and greens) are gone, and only the skull- like black hollows of the eye sockets provide any real intrigue.

Not everything you make can be a success. I understand that reality— I just wish I had more time to make things so that sheer quantity would take the sting out of my periodic lapses in quality.

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