Jalama Beach

April 20, 2005

So what's my excuse for not having Photo Phazer imagery the past two days? Simply put: technological difficulties. 

You see, the Photo Phazer can only store one 1-minute movie at a time, so if someone were to, say, go on a camping trip to Jalama Beach on the California coast for a few days, then that person would only be able to capture one movie for the entire trip unless they were lucky enough to own a laptop at the time (which they weren't). Ergo, only one bit of video must suffice as a record for the entire trip.

Well, one video and two eye witnesses. The eye witnesses would probably give you a much richer narrative than this one parting shot (taken as we drove away from the secluded little beach).

The eye witnesses would probably mention "toaster forks." I'm sure that the highway death of one Toyota Camry would come up. As would getting stuck in traffic with Jake Gyllenhaal. And then there's the midnight raccoon raceway, the bleeding tree, the wind, and the crypt. . . 

If only I could have captured more on film.

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